The Diploma Project


The Diploma Project

Challenge / Create an identity, website, and social media system for a brand new blog/business that helps young adults figure out the overwhelming world of adulthood, college, alternative lifestyles, and loads of testing. The Diploma Project will be creating eBook’s, classes, blog posts, and webinars for figuring out CLEP testing, college alternatives, budgeting, doing travel wisely, etc. Sarah Temte wanted her brand to inspire her readers to live big, yet give them practical steps and tools to complete their education.

Solution / This was no corporate or traditional brand. This was a brand of innovation, adventure, and daring. Therefore the logo and entire identity needed to have a thrill and edge to it. By choosing to have the logo be a triangle with threads cut out of it, we achieved this vibe. Triangles are researched to be the most untrustworthy/instable geometric figure in logos. Yet they can symbolize mountains to climb and movement into the future…perfect, right? Both Sarah and I agreed this was perfect. From there, building a WordPress website, PDF templates, social media templates, and other supporting brand elements was a breeze once we got the concept down.

Reflection / The Diploma Project was my first business freelance client and set the bar extremely high for all clients to follow. The owner of The Diploma Project is Sarah Temte, who I knew of through my friend circles, but wasn’t friends with till we started this project together. Her gusto, passion, speed, and depth of ideas never failed to blow me away. Though it is exciting to have a brand I created fully used by another entrepreneur, there are some days where I wish I could redo it all and do it 10x better. Alas, this is a sign of progress and growth in my design skills…and it has to be put on hold till the owner is ready to shift into a new brand identity.