Swede Hollow Cafe



Challenge / Design a new logo/identity and stationery system for a favorite Saint Paul non-chain breakfast cafe. Your familiarity with the cafe and its customers will determine and define the demographics you will work with. Strive to work conceptually, utilizing an aesthetic appropriate for your intended audience and stylistically sensitive to the graphic design community that will eventually judge your success. Final project will include mounted and/or digital presentations of: an effective logo, logotype, or combination lock-up, a stationery system that includes a letterhead, envelope, and business card, usage guidelines, and a solid research and process.

Solution / Digging into the history of Swede Hollow park in St. Paul was a fabulous start to this project. This informed all the decisions I would make in creating this identity. Though Swede Hollow Cafe doesn’t make Swedish food, it relishes and celebrates the history and that was (and now is) Swede Hollow. I chose to update its current brand of sans-serif boringness along with the traditional Swedish yellow and blue Ikea colors into a modern Minnesotan equivalent. Using a pastel yellow and blue color palette, a geometric, square slab typeface (Factoria) and an elegant pattern, Swede Hollow’s identity began to emerge. To make their new identity work in multiple mediums and interfaces, I created multiple logo lock-ups and a brand usage guideline for them to utilize.

Reflection / The more complexity in a design, the happier I get. This brand was my first complex and flexible identity system I’ve created. It gave me so much joy to complete it; I could actually see it being used in a real life manner and not getting screwed up. This brand has way more room to expand and grow in the future with multiple deliverables and applications. That is the next step.