Portfolio Inventory



Challenge / Design a form/checklist of all potential portfolio pieces completed in previous coursework, freelance projects, or other independent works. Pages are to be 8.5×11 and eventually bound as a portfolio-worthy book. Utilize one page per project and focus on information architecture and usability/functionality. Face the demon projects of your past and your current dream-worthy projects, all in the same space, then grade and write/reflect on all of them. This will challenge your copywriting, system creation, and craftsmanship abilities.

Solution / Focusing first on creating an elegant typography hierarchy, I crafted the page layout template for the projects with the most constricting type challenges (long words, longest paragraphs, numbers, etc.) and refined it from there. At the beginning of the project, I ditched my electric blue color I used for my branding and refined it for something that fit more of the style I’m currently creating; boldly and cutting-edge sophisticated. Building off of the beautiful typefaces of Mr Eaves and Freight, I created a gorgeous and flexible page layout. Another aspect of this project was to build a grading system for each of my projects, which I chose to build based off of a decagon (ten-sided polygon). Overall, my visual elements and choices, and intelligent and transparent copywriting, built a book of depth and scope that is one to be proud of.

Reflection / This project pushed me and excited me to dig my teeth into ever-increasing projects of intensity, scale, depth, and scope. So often we doubt what we can do and we keep ourselves doing the small things, when really, all we need to do is to change our mindset (and make some time, of course) to make the big projects happen. Copywriting and information architecture are skills I want to continue to flex and use on a daily basis.