Personal Brand Identity

Personal Brand



Challenge / Design and create a cohesive identity to define the next level of design work and style I’m creating and working towards. Merge the successful elements from my last brand iteration with the new elegance and style I’m exploring. Ideally, this brand will be the deepest and far-reaching in mediums as I prepare for the next stage of freelance clients and for a full time job. Make it bold, make it elegant, make it B.A.

Solution / The first thing I did was ditch the pure RGB blue I thought was such a “great” idea last year. As iconic as it was, it drew too much attention away from my design work and shocked a few unsuspecting eyeballs in the process (oops). I wanted this new brand to share who I believe I am: an elegant designer, sometimes sassy friend and confidant, and a motivator to all. New deliverables included a stationery system, updated business cards, website updates, a new case study format, and social media templates. I wanted my brand to stretch and be iconic in everything from an Instagram post to a sticker, and from a case study page to a typography arrangement. This brand will continue to shape and grow as I do; although consistent typography, taglines, and image edits are starting to cement the brand.