Logophile Society



Challenge / Within a single media/medium, create and design multiple editions (or a series) of items espousing a notion, conception, abstraction, theory, hypothesis, or conviction you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Your project must have at least four components, clearly communicate your intentions, and work together conceptually and visually as a series. All other aspects are determined by you.

Solution / Drawing on my love of uncommon words and words from other languages that are untranslatable into English, I created a brand that would share these words every day with people on social media platforms from creating an image and writing informative captions. The idea behind this society is that it would inspire people, educate them, and expose them to the depth of other languages. From creating the brand name, “The Logophile Society,” I started to create a system of building square designs with strong typography, photos by Instagram users, and lines to connect them to one another. This emphasized community, connection, and the system that undergirds every single image. Other deliverables created for this project included an Instagram page, Facebook page, and a Tumblr-based website. Ideally, this passion project would build into a community of word-obsessed followers.

Reflection / This was a passion project that I thought of fully creating and committing to, but it was not a priority in my life at the time to create another social media following on top of my main social media accounts. The practicality and innovation used in this project was groundbreaking to me and was a milestone.