Juice Press




Challenge / Choose an existing line of packaged goods that appeal to a sophisticated, upscale demographic. Look for products that are available in multiple sizes/volumes/varieties (i.e. candies, teas, beverages, cosmetics, vitamins, etc.). The motive is to redesign and mock up an entire packaging line that includes at least four design variations (size, flavor, etc.). If you are able, produce multiple real life mock-ups for presentation and portfolio purposes; if not, use mock-ups. Whatever fits your project and idea best.

Solution / Taking a high-quality and revered fresh-pressed juice brand in the NYC and Boston metro areas, I created and updated their brand to reflect current design sensibilities. Though they have over a hundred stores and a loyal following on social media and beyond, their packaging and store brand seemed stuck in the 1990’s, with terrible justification to boot. After doing market research, I proposed the idea of a lean and tall glass bottle with bold white typography to be their new packaging system. This was based off the idea of how it feels in a consumer’s hands: heavy, quality, lean, and easy to take on the go. With this simple shift (and an identity refresh), they are poised to up their demographic, change their pricing structure to become more of a high end product, and grow their brand power exponentially.

Reflection / Using more marketing research and strategy in this project was groundbreaking. It gave my design and case study a new depth and thoroughness that I craved. Every project forward, I want to utilize these skills more and more and do them before I start designing. This project was also a lesson in trusting my intuition more than what I, “should do.” That mindset tripped me up for the first two weeks in this project and stole time from my process.