Fortitude started off as a concept for a high-end and mature coffee shop that also became a bar in the nighttime. Merging the professional adult’s two favorite drinks (coffee and alcohol) to make a business that they can’t help but sit more than a hour at. The naming came out of the Carl Jung Sage/Intellectual archetype that defines the ideal client that this bar wanted to attract. They are learners and high achievers who need a quiet escape (or a timely cocktail). They are coming to a coffee shop for a refuge, away from the noise and the distractions, and into a place of solitude and ease. The definition of fortitude is defined as, “Courage in pain or adversity,” and this bar would be a place to regain their strength. The name also is easily shortened to, “Fort.” Creating the environmental graphics and beverage cups came out of the want to make this an exclusive bar (not for everyone, especially under 21), thus the intense use of black. Overall, this brand taps into the exclusivity and edginess of a coffee/cocktail bar.

Deliverables: Environmental Graphics, Beverage Cups, Posters, Identity

Skills: Branding, Environmental Design, Strategy