Challenge / Design a brand identity that addresses a social issue and demonstrates the value of design in a clear, accessible, compelling and determined way. Deliverables must cross multiple mediums and imply variety yet consistency. Dare yourself to step into designing for new mediums and platforms (e.g. environmental graphics, etc.) and to create a strong, multi-faceted presence for this social issue/brand.

Solution / Taking one of my top social issues(education reform in America), I created an idea for an entirely new alternative learning system/environment. Edu_Lab takes children through the five stages of development (no grades here) and builds a learning plan around them. Some of the alternate learning methods are: linking them with mentors in areas they’re passionate about, hosting pop-up schools in coffee shops with other learners, doing projects that benefit their city/culture, etc. Besides formulating the idea of Edu_Lab, I also created a business strategy (core values, mission, ideal client profiles, etc.). Out of that business strategy, I created a social media strategy that inspired their students/social media followers to take their life into their own hands and run with it. Visually, the brand is built off an icon set (with a passion linked to each icon) and a variety of icons are used in multiple ways to display the diversity of their students and also the diversity within each of us to be multi-faceted and deep human beings.

Reflection / This project had a late “aha moment” and an 180 degree pivot in ideas, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Edu_Lab is an idea that I would personally love to have to come to life. The next steps for this project are to clean it up and expand into more deliverables.

Brand Guidelines