Editorial Redesign



Challenge / Create one 4–page feature story (two spreads) selected from the Society of Publication Designers Student Design Competition magazine categories below. Choose a content area expressing a personal interest or area of expertise. Diligently follow the SPD competition rules. Personally challenge yourself to create a brand for the entire magazine that is complex and whole, standing out from your other portfolio projects.

Solution / One of my growing areas of interest over this past year is health and fitness. Thus, I took this chance to choose it as my topic for an editorial design. My chosen article was from an online fitness magazine and it was on the topic of getting into shape and running in below freezing temperatures in winter climates. Part of why I chose this topic was because the health/fitness magazine industry is notorious for bad design, terrible copywriting cliches, and the photoshopped photos on the market. I wanted to spin all of that on its head and create a holistic and inspiring magazine reading experience. This started off with choosing images from Nike Project North, a fitness retreat in the mountains of Canada. These awe-inspiring images along with edgy design elements and detailed (yet bold) typography created a fresh take on fitness magazines.

Reflection / The inspiration and research high for this project started off strong, but it fizzled towards the end and I wasn’t as satisfied with this design as some of my other projects in this semester. Though the style is on point, there is a certain depth and breadth to this project that made it feel shallow and not revolutionary enough to be considered one of my best pieces. I started to sketch out the beginnings of a health magazine that this spread could be included in (called Equipoise Magazine) and I’d love to expand on that someday soon.