Hey! I’m Bethany  a Designer, Strategist, and Emboldener who is devoted to helping people make transformative in their lives + businesses through strategic changes. The main ways I help create these shifts are through shaping new brand identities and deliverables for entrepreneurs as their designer. Yet I’ve been known to step outside of my typical “designer” box as a coach + mentor to my clients; to help them find out why they are doing what they are doing and to realize the bigger vision of their business. All of this fires me up beyond belief…to see people making huge steps in their businesses (and thus, lives).

Over the past five years, I have run a wedding photography business, freelanced on the side, and even started an online magazine for a stint there. But when it all boils down to it, I am just a gal from Minnesota who wants to impact others lives through the work I do and create, with integrity, innovation, and a little bit of sass.

In an average day, you’ll probably find me highly caffeinated at Blackeye Coffee working on projects, driving with all my windows down listen to some new and old school hip hop a bit too loudly (sorry Mom), and either talking too loudly about a lot of ideas or observing everything quietly. I am also obsessed with A20 classes at Alchemy, or a solid Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga, or a killer barbell strength class at LifeTime (what can I say, I’m a group fitness addict!). Overall, none of this wouldn’t matter without relationships and investing in others. This is what we all are here for…to be known and loved by others and to help each other grow..and it brings me so much joy to pour more of myself into it daily.

On that note, if you ever want to grab coffee and talk design, entrepreneurship, group fitness, or Drake…hit me up. Fo’ real. I love hanging out and meeting new faces.

* currently booking freelance projects for late Summer 2017  *