Commit To You // Design Directions

Commit To You // Design Directions

I’m (trying) to get better on sharing my design process on the blog and not just hiding it till an entire project gets published on the portfolio page. Because the process (at least to me) is SO much more exciting than the finished project. Seeing the research + variety + decisions excite me.

Here are three design directions I collaged together for a recent self-initiated project of an online e-course helping people get their wellness and their life back together. More to come soon, but I wanted to tease y’all with a little bit of design goodness.


01 // BOLD & COLOR

This one won out of the three. Mainly because it appealed to both male & female demographics more. Swiss inspired, lots of Helvetica and Grotesk fonts, and a touch of a Minimalist feel.



I LOVE this style, but it definitely was too feminine for this project.


Metallics are in, but they can be hard to express in a digital realm. I shelved this style for a later project, because I still love it.

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