Find Your Fire

Have you ever had a season of your life where you lost ‘it’? The gumption, the inner fire, the fight, the roar, the fierce inner you?

Life is dull, boring, you can’t find your fight, everyday is the same, you procrastinate like crazy? Oh, I’ve been there done that, many times.

But then, have you had times (or days) in your life where you just think you can conquer the freakin’ world. You have this tenacity to deal with the hard stuff with your fierceness, you push yourself beyond your limits, you do things that terrify the living heebee jeebies out of you (not sure if that is the legit spelling, but just roll with it for me), and you just want to roar.

Finding your fire is finding your tenacity. It’s not finding your passion in life, it’s finding your grit and your power.

I’ve been stewing this idea around in my head for the last two weeks or so, but it clicked when one of my CorePower instructors mentioned during the end of class (heyo, when we all need motivation to not give up even when sweat is dripping into our eyes), that others witness your inner fire during class and feed off that energy to keep on going (I promise it didn’t sound that woo woo). And I was like YES. Finding your fire is not about you or building your dream lifestyle. Oh no. It’s SO much weightier than that, because it propels other to fight onwards.

When I see someone in sculpt class get really low in their Warrior 2 front leg (when their leg is shaking), or keep doing all six sets of arms with 10 pound weights (even though their face is cringing and sweat is dripping e’rywhere), my inner dialogue is, “YES. We’re fighting through this together. We are all fierce. I will sweat till I drop. YEAHHHH!” 

When others witnessing your fight and your power, it pushes them to fight even harder.

But how do you find your fire when you’ve lost it?

  • – Do things you believe in and start to cut out things you don’t
  • – Surround yourself with fellow fighters
  • – View your life as one of service to help others flourish and fight for what matters
  • – Take care of your mental + physical + emotional health first
  • – Start moving forward with the things you dream about in life (send the email, start the thing, do)
  • – Surrender yourself to the process of the everyday + trust
  • – Share your journey with others


I start to find my fight again when I start doing the things I so desperately want, but am so terrified of starting. But to get to that point I need community, my health (and sleep) to be in check, to be spiritually grounded, and to start taking the focus of my life off of me me me. 

To be completely honest, I lost my inner fire in the summer. I got lackadaisical and chill (which was partially good for me). But now, with my Senior year starting, clients booked and scheduled, exciting projects due, connecting with new people, opening myself up to new dreams and ideas, taking full responsibility for my health, etc. I’m finding my inner fire once again.

And I hope that opening myself up to talk about it + sharing it online with you inspires you on too.

I’ll leave you with this little poem by Nikita Gill, but leave me a comment below on what your thoughts are on finding your fight and tenacity when you feel like you’ve lost it and where you are today with it.


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Alex Ry
September 9, 2016 Reply

I've always ((always)) admired your fire.

    September 9, 2016 Reply

    this made me cry <3 ;)

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