Begin Again…and Again, and Again

So many times I hope and pray over the firsts of the months, the new years, the Mondays, the new semesters. They are hopes of new beginnings and leaving all bad habits behind. I try to lie to myself and say I can be perfect. Be on social media for only 5 minutes, only do email twice a day, wake up at 5:00am, be perfectly present for my devotional time, workout early in the morning, no sweets, eat clean, no TV, spend less money, be 100% productive, and be flawless in every way. But then I mess up. And then I mess up again…and again.

Why? Because I’m human.

But what matters is that I keep trying regardless of how many times I “mess up.”

Why am I telling you this on launch day of my new website? Because I’ve launched websites before and I’ve promised the world I’d do A, B,C,D-Z…and then fail…and then quit (let’s just say blogging everyday doesn’t jive with me). This time I hope I fall and fall hard, but get back with even more fire in my bones to move forward.

So with that, welcome to the new and I’m excited to move forward with you. I have some new vision for this little nook on the web and for my business and all I wish is for it is to help you flourish and strengthen daily (more to come on that in the coming days).

Embrace new beginnings and I’m hoping and praying we can allow ourselves to have multiple new beginnings everyday, whether it’s one or 500.

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